I am the author/editor of eleven books and numerous articles. But, more importantly, I write and do research on an almost daily basis. Therefore, I know the struggles of trying to produce quality prose.

Writing Highlights

Etena Sacca-vajjena

I regularly blog at Etena Sacca-vajjena where I discuss issues related to education.

The Back Porch Guide to the Research Paper

The Back Porch Guide to the Research Paper was designed to provide basic research information in a clear fashion so as not to overwhelm students. It was released under a Creative Commons license and is freely available for faculty members and students.


My If Everything Happens That Can't Be Done: A Mindful Approach to Great Teaching is currently stalled at my publisher. Eventually, it will be published.


This photograph was taken on 27 May 2007 while I was writing "It's OK to Drink After 9:00am." The essay begins with the sermon preached that morning by the Reverend Dan Stoneback and the need for authentic assessment in our classrooms.