Much of the service that I do is done quietly in the context of faith and family. However, I also do extensive public service primarily centered around Schoolcraft College. For example, each Fall semester you can find me cooking hot dogs at School Daze. I also support events sponsored by PageTurners, the International Institute, and other campus programs. I do my best to attend any event in which my students are participating. I serve on the Steering Committee for the Liberal Arts Network for Development and as President for the Michigan Chapter of the National Organization for Student Success (NOSSMi).


My family and I are strong supporters of the Schoolcraft College Foundation. We have established the Berg Endowment and the Alexander and Rachel Liberacki Fund.

Berg Endowment

The Berg Endowment provides second chance scholarships for students whom have had a rough start in college but have now changed their lives around. Regardless of their previous academic performance, students whom have had one successful semester may apply for a scholarship. Often, these students are on academic probation. For privacy reasons, our family does not have details about the students whom are funded, but we have received notes of appreciation from many students.

Funding for the Berg Endowment has been provided not only by members of our family, but also from friends and colleagues.

Alexander and Rachel Liberacki Fund

The Alexander and Rachel Liberacki Fund provides money to support a variety of scholarships and projects that benefit students.

Cooking hot dogs at the September 2015 School Daze wearing jeans and my 2008 School Daze T-shirt.

Cooking hot dogs at the September 2015 School Daze wearing jeans and my 2008 School Daze T-shirt.

School Daze are the only two days you will find me wearing jeans on campus. The picture does not do them justice, but the jeans are pressed with a nice crease down the front. My husband is not going to let me go to campus wearing clothes that he has not freshly pressed. Could this be why some people think I am spoiled?