Dr. Berg sitting in his office on 23 June 2016.

Sitting in my office on 23 June 2016.

I am a Professor of English and History at Schoolcraft College. I have been on the faculty since 1999. Previously, I have taught at Michigan State University, Delta College, Kirtland Community College, and Mercy College. I give students a great deal of flexibility in completing required course work. Based around their research interests, students are also responsible for helping co-teach classes.

I am active in campus events as well as state and national organizations. My reflections on education are routinely published in Etenna Sacca-Vajjena, my teaching blog. I also blog on HASTAC. I also encourage my students to publish.

Personal Interests

Personal Life

I share my life with a wonderful man whom some have described as my fantasy husband because I do not mention his name nor show his image in my writing or on social media. We share our home with a variety of sentient beings including our little dogs whom I do write about and whom I do talk about by name.

Art and Photography

When I am not working, I enjoy art and photography. My current artistic expression is primarily photomontague which combines images from a number of historical periods into new artistic expression. I include more information about my work as an artist elsewhere this website.


I have been working on the Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg Genealogy, a digital literacy project that celebrates family, since 2007. I have incorporated the work from this project in my teaching.

Social Media

Facebook logoThe only Social Media on which I am active is Facebook. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook.


You Forgot That I Was a Seed

You Forgot That I Was a Seed incorporates a scientific illustration from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine (1902) of a navy bean,a nineteenth century medical illustration of a human heart, a detail from Sasha Schneider's Triumph of Darkness (1896), and government photographs of several plants in the genus Phaseolus vulgaris. The Greek at the bottom of the image is a quote by Dinos Christianopoulos (b. 1931 which translates to "You did anything to bury me, but you forgot that I was a seed."