November 1: A Knitting Goalie

2014-11-01bOn 1 November 1959, Jacques Plante playing for the Montreal Canadians wore the first mask to protect his face in a game as a goalie in the NHL.

Plante had practiced with the mask he made, yet his coach was against him playing with it on. After being struck by a puck a couple minutes into the game, tearing open his upper lip, Plante took action and announced he was not going back in the game without wearing his mask. Montreal went on the win that game 3 to 1. Not only did the mask help continue his career, it sparked a new style of goalie masks and shaped the way hockey is played today.

Plante knitted his own padding for he felt it calmed him down and relaxed him.

William Lee invented the first knitting machine during the 1600s in England. Lee was annoyed with hearing his wives knitting needles clash together and took a machine used to make rugs and modified it entirely for knitting.

Lee wanted his invention to be patented so he could make money, but the queen denied him of his request. He went on to die poor yet his brother took his idea and used it as his own.  Some may say that Lee played a pretty big part in the Industrial Revolution to come.

–Zachary Zimbo

Photo Caption:  Jacques Plant, photograph from Library and Archives Canada.

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