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Each day Today in History provides a 200-350 word memorable moment from the past delivered from a variety of perspectives.


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On 1 October 2012, Today in History became a primarily student written blog.


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  1. edhill1 says:

    April 15th: Sinking of the Titanic
    On April 15th, 1912 the death of many American’s was the result of lacking technology. The seeking of the titanic. This sorrowful day was one of the most grievous days in American History, however reflects the development of ships as transportation and even luxurious vacation devices. The history of boats date back to 3000 B.C. Egypt and Mesopotamia, where boats were rectangular in shape due to winds that blew from north to south and currents that blew from south to north. The architecture of these ships, and all ships for that matter, are very important to ensure the smoothest flow of travel. Without this as a key factor of boats, things could end tragically for whoever is looking to relocate by the device. Boats date back 10,000 B.C. created by Homo Erectus Mayan species. This insight informs historians that the boat was a simple tool, almost cave man like that never lost its significance. Boats were quickly made into something incredible, which historians can see through inventions such as the Titanic. Sometimes a invented boat would exceed the time it was in. Take the titanic for instance. The boat itself was build pretty well, considering it was the first of its time. However, a major reason so many people did not survive on the titanic was because of the lack of radio technology. Radios were failing because the technology of radio devices were not equipped and ready for such an advanced boat.

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