March 1: Joe Louis Retires

2015-03-01bOn 1 March 1949, Joe Louis retired from his incredible boxing career. He began as an amateur boxer in the Golden Gloves Novice Division in Detroit. By 1933, he had won the light heavy weight division with a total of 50 wins and 4 loses. As a professional he had 68 wins and only 1 loss.

The “Brown Bomber” held on to his world heavy weight title for well over 11 years; longer than anyone else has ever accomplished. Not only did his career impact his life, but also the lives of many African American athletes.

Many films were made to commemorate Joe Louis and his astonishing career. The Joe Louis Story (1953), directed by Robert Gordon is told in flashbacks to depict Louis’ life and his highest achievements as a professional boxer. Another film is Joe and Max (2002) directed by Steve James. This movie talks about the famous matches between Nazi Germany’s Max Schmeling and America’s hero Joe Louis at Yankee Stadium. With World War II beginning, this fight meant a lot to both countries. However, it also sparked a friendship between both of the fighters.

–Adam Westerbur

Photo Caption: Max Schmeling vs. Joe Louis, 1938

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