October 18: Antarctica Released

IMAX: AntarcticaOn 18 October 1991, the movie Antarctica was released to the public. This movie features the wildlife that live in the bottomless part of the world. This film was made more for educational purposes; to show people how these animals survive and how the circle of life works in Antarctica.

This film was made to explore the animals living in Antarctica and the researchers that are studying these animals. The documentary is around forty minutes long of interesting images of Antarctica and allows viewers to experience—from their own living rooms—how it would be to live in Antarctica

Antarctica is known to be the most dangerous continent in the world. Because of its extremely low temperatures, it’s practically impossible for people to live there. Some people do, usually at months at a time, but only for research purposes; like filming this movie.

–Alexander Biegalski

2014-10-18Meet the Author

I am attending Schoolcraft College. I am there to receive my Associates of Engineering Degree before transferring to Wayne State to further my education and receive a major in Mechanical Engineering.