February 6: Julius Caesar Wins Battle of Thapsus

On 6 February 46 BCE, Julius Caesar won the Battle of Thapsus. The Battle of Thapsus was a civil war between Caesarians and the Pompeians. The Caesarians were lead by Julius Caesar, a young politician liked by very many citizens, and one who reached out to help the poor. During his five year term as governor of Gaul which is modern day France, he began to create an army and military presence.

For about nine years Caesar straightened his military and got them ready for what would eventually be known as the Battle of Thapsus. The Caesarian military was composed of approximately 60,000 powerful troops. Their enemy had about 10,000 men. Within a three week period, the Caesarian troops overwhelmed and defeated their enemy. The Pompeians leader was assassinated before Caesar was able to defeat him.

Two years later, in 44 BCE, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by thirteen senators. The death is commonly known as “The Ides of March”. The Ides of March marked the turning point from the historical period commonly known as the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

–Maddy Brithinee

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